Winter Side Hustles: Earn With Christmas Decorations

winter side hustles earn with Christmas decorations


The holiday season brings joy with some winter side hustles, cheer, and… twinkling lights! But for many, putting up and taking down those festive decorations can be a hassle. This winter, turn that hassle into opportunity with a lucrative winter side hustle that requires no prior experience.

Capitalize on the Winter Side Hustle

Capitalize on the Winter Side Hustle

Have you ever considered offering your services for Christmas light installation and removal? Many homeowners lack the time, ability, or desire to tackle this task themselves. December and January become a prime time to capitalize on this in-demand winter side hustle.

Two Simple Ways to Get Started

1. Advertise Your Services:

Spreading the word is key! Utilize platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to advertise your light installation and removal services. Keep your listing clear and concise, highlighting your availability and pricing structure.

2. Take the Initiative:

Don’t wait for clients to find you. Lace up your boots and go door-to-door in your neighborhood. Introduce yourself, explain your services, and offer competitive rates. This proactive approach can significantly increase your potential customer base.

Winter Side Hustles Pro Tip:

Combine both strategies for maximum impact. Advertise online while actively seeking clients in your community.

Setting Your Rates: Flat Fees for Easy Profits

Setting Your Rates

When it comes to pricing, consider a flat rate structure. This simplifies the process for both you and the client. You can base your rates on factors like the number of lights, or the size and complexity of the installation. Based on your area’s market, a starting point of $100 or more per installation is a reasonable expectation.

Winter Side Hustles Bonus Tip:

Offer a discount for pre-booking light removal along with installation. This incentives early bookings and guarantees repeat business.

Earning Potential: From Hundreds to Thousands

Imagine setting a realistic goal of servicing 30 houses per season. At a rate of $100 per house, that’s $3,000! If you secure removal services for half those houses at a discounted rate, that adds another $3,000. With dedication and a proactive approach, earning $10,000 or more becomes a real possibility.

Gear Up for Success

Gear Up for Success

The only equipment you might need is a ladder. If you don’t have one, renting one is a cost-effective option. Alternatively, offer a discount to clients who can provide their own ladder and equipment.

Embrace the Holiday Spirit and Earn Big!

This unique winter side hustles requires minimal investment and offers the potential for significant returns. So, put on your holiday spirit, grab your ladder (or not!), and help spread holiday cheer while earning a handsome profit this season.


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